WAFF Women’s Championship: Nepal Defeats Lebanon, Secures Place In Final

Himalaya Times
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Nepal has defeated Lebanon by 2-1 in WAFF Women’s Championship on Tuesday.

It was one of the most memorable games for Nepali football fans when Preeti Rai scored the winning goal in the last minute of additional time.

During the first half Lebanon was leading with one goal. The back pass by Puja Rana in 38th minute turned into a goal and Lebanon led by one goal until the 76th minute when Captain Sabitra Bhandari aka Sambaa scored the equalizer.

Nepal received a corner kick in the last minute as their hope for winning goal. Sambaa kicked from the corner into Lebanon’s half and Preeti Rai scored a goal from a distance, dodging all the Lebanon defenders.

Captain Bhandari agreed that they lost their control in first half but did their best in second half and got the result.

Nepal will play the final against Jordan on Thursday.

Speaking about the final game, Captain Bhandari said that they will fight for the title and respect the opponent.
-Birendra Chand

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