COVID-19 Found Among India-Returnees

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Coronavirus infection is found among the Nepalis returning home from different cities of India.

Coronavirus test has been made mandatory at Nepal-India bordering areas after new variant of coronavirus (JN.1) was detected in India.

Chief of Health Desk set up at Gauriphanta checkpoint, Ganesh Saud, told RSS that coronavirus infection was found in 10 people returned from India so far.
"We have been conducting antigen test among India-returnees and 10 cases of coronavirus were recorded so far," he mentioned.

Saud shared that those found infected with coronavirus have been suggested to stay in home isolation. Hundreds of Nepalis are returning home every day via Gauriphanta checkpoint from different places of India. Samples were collected and sent to Kathmandu to confirm the variant of corona two week ago, but its report has not been received yet, added the Health Desk Chief.

However, coronavirus has not been confirmed on Nepalis returning home using Gaddachauki checkpoint of Kanchanpur so far, according to the District Health Office, Kanchanpur.



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