Jajarkot Quake: Over 1,000 New Mothers Living Under Tarpaulins

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With the heavy loss of damages to physical properties, mostly the buildings, from the Jajarkot Earthquake happened on November 3, the new mothers, senior citizens and children are severely affected.

They are facing different health issues due to inadequate living facilities. As most of them are forced to live under the tarpaulins, the quake-survivors are facing hardships and cold related illness with the start of the winter season.

The number of people visiting the health institutions here has increased lately. As per the information shared by the District Health Service Office, a total of 674 pregnant women, 282 new mothers, 4,115 children under five, 2,836 senior citizens, 1,065 chronic patients and 408 physically challenged people are more vulnerable to health challenges and other difficulties in the post-quake period in Bheri Municipality.

In Kushe Rural Municipality, 515 pregnant women and 230 new mothers are living under the tarps. Likewise, 920 senior citizens, 277 chronic patients and 88 physically challenged people are at the receiving end after the quake.

Administrative Officer at Jajarkot District Administration Office Harish Chandra Sharma said that 86 pregnant women, 66 new mothers, 204 senior citizens, 15 chronic patients and nine physically challenged people are in need of more care and protection.

Officials said that 331 pregnant women and 374 new mothers are more affected from the impacts of the earthquake in Nalgadh Municipality while the number of pregnant women is 181 and 75 new mothers in Barekot Rural Municipality.

The officials have shared that 12,404 children are affected from the earthquake while 1,873 pregnant women and 1,076 new mothers are forced to live under the tarpaulins. However, the district disaster management committee has shared that entire details of the damages are yet to come.

The chiefs of the local levels have sought some more times as they are facing difficulties in data collection due to scattered residential areas and harsh geographical territory.

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