Remembering Trolleybuses Of The Past… (Photo Feature)

Himalaya Times
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Surya Bahadur Thapa, who had traveled to Kathmandu from Kailali to obtain his passport, was strolling down the Tripureshwor route when he saw the strange-looking poles on the sides of the road. When he questioned a shopkeeper about the poles, he was surprised to learn that they were used for directing trolleybuses. Is it still operating? he inquired. The shop owner said, "The trolleybus has become a history of once upon a time, brother."

Many individuals who travel along the Tripureshwor route, like Thapa, wonder what those massive, useless poles are for.

Trolleybuses used to travel on the roads of the city, connecting the districts of Kathmandu and Bhaktapur. In 2032 B.S., the trolleybus system was built with the assistance of the Chinese government on a 14-kilometer line from Tripureshwar to Maitighar to Suryavinayak. Although the trolley bus ran continuously for 12 years after it was built, it came to a halt by 2044 and was formally closed years later.

Photo Credit: Nepal Photo Library

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