Relations With U.S. Could Be Severed Any Moment: Russia

Himalaya Times
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Relations between Russia and the United States are currently undergoing a great crisis, and ties between the two countries could be severed at any moment, the Russian Foreign Ministry said Thursday.

The foreign ministry issued a statement reflecting on the relationship between the two countries, in light of the 90th anniversary of the re-establishment of diplomatic ties between Russia and the United States.

It said that Russia-U.S. relations are at risk of being severed due to Washington's "Russophobic" course.

"This is not Russia's choice, however, the irresponsible steps being taken by the United States are fueling escalation ... and can lead to catastrophic consequences," the foreign ministry said, adding that Washington was focused on its doctrinal objective of inflicting a "strategic defeat" on Moscow.

Russia-U.S. relations have also been largely hampered by the policies of current American political elites, who consider U.S. hegemony and dominance to be the "basic worldview."

The United States is focused on organizing civil unrest and regime change in Russia, and it is investing resources to realize these goals, the statement said.

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