Phulpati Dispatched Towards Kathmandu From Gorkha Durbar

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A palanquin containing the Phulpati has been send from the Dashainghar in Gorkha Durbar to be carried all the way to Hanumandhoka Durbar in Kathmandu, according to the main priest of Gorkha Durbar Sharada Prasad Bhattarai.

Phulpati is an assortment of flowers, leaves and fruits of different plants considered auspicious and it is anointed at the Dashain Ghar on the seventh day of the Bada Dashain festival. The ritualistic shipment was given a send-off from the Gorkha Dashainghar at the auspicious hour of 8:0 am by the Dashainghar's caretaker performing the associated Vedic rituals.

The Phulpati is carried to Kathmandu as per the Vedic rites to be anointed at the Dashain Ghar, Hanumandhoka Durbar in line with the time-honoured tradition.

The tradition traces its root from the time the then King of Gorkha, Prithvi Narayan Shah, started his rule from the Hanumandhoka Durbar in Kathmandu. From then onwards, a palanquin bearing the Phulpati is dispatched each year from Gorkha Dashainghar on the seventh day of the Bada Dashain festival, the biggest festival of the Nepalis.

The assistants of the Gorkha Durbar carry the Phulpati up to a place called Phulpati Chautara at Satipipal and from there it is carried up to Kathmandu.

Present on the occasion in Gorkha were, Deputy Mayor of Gorkha Masali Maya Thokar, Chief District Officer Dinesh Sagar Bhusal, Chief of District Police Office, Gorkha Anupam Shrestha and other officials.

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