Selena Gomez releases another song ‘Single Soon’

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American singer Selena Gomez has excited her fans after releasing her new solo track ‘Single Soon’ on Friday.

The singer, 31, released the video for the song midnight, where she sparkled in a shimmering pink mini dress while dancing the night away with friends and celebrating singlehood.

Selena had only released one solo track in the last three years while appearing on a slew of collaborative songs, including the global megahit Calm Down (Remix) with Nigerian superstar Rema.

So it was no surprise that fans went wild over the release, with one gushing it was ‘heartwarming’ to see her so ‘carefree, happy and confident’ after a slew of personal struggles.

Elle reported that Selena Gomez in releasing the song fulfilled a promise to deliver a track with a little fun to end the summer.

The infectious track offers up a very unusual, joyful take on a breakup song. Gomez, as the dumper-to-be, sings about her excitement heading back into single life.

In the video, Gomez appears ending things with a boyfriend via a Post-It note, recreating the iconic Sex and the City breakup moment that Gomez teased before the video’s release.

Gomez herself has been single for years, last publicly dating Justin Bieber in 2018. On TikTok, she has poked fun at her single status over the summer.

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