Tips To Stay Cool On Scorching Hot Days

We still have a few scorching days ahead of us because the monsoon is still a few weeks away

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For a few days, the temperature has been climbing on the thermometer. We still have a few scorching days ahead of us because the monsoon is still a few weeks away. Here are some summer strategies to help you stay cool.

Stay Hydrated
The most basic and crucial tip for surviving the summer heat is to stay hydrated. Water helps to maintain the quantity of fluid in your body, which is quickly lost through sweat. Because of the increased water loss from the body during the summer, you need do a little bit more. Hydrating fruits, coconut water, lemon water, fruit juices, and so on are additional options.

Limit hot beverages
Avoid excessive amounts of coffee and sweets. Limit your intake of hot beverages such as tea and coffee. Caffeine and nicotine have the ability to raise the body's core temperature. They constrict the blood vessels, causing the blood to warm and make you feel hot and sweaty. Even extreme alcohol consumption should be avoided.

Eat light meal
Eating large meals and high-protein foods can also cause heat in the body and make you feel uncomfortable. After a substantial meal, your body must work harder to digest and metabolize the food. This gradually raises your core temperature and leaves you hot and sluggish. In the summer, eat light, freshly prepared meals. Reduce your intake of processed foods and salty meals.

Strenuous physical exercise should be avoided
If possible, avoid vigorous physical activities. If you must engage in vigorous exercise, do it during the coolest period of the day, which is generally between 4:00 and 7:00 a.m.

Keep your feet cool
Cooling your toes is an easy technique to bring your temperature down if you are feeling overheated. Putting on damp clothing and bathing your feet in cool water will help you relax and feel less overheated. You can also wear damp socks for a short period of time.

Wear light, loose-fitting natural-fiber clothing
Wearing garments that are too tight or too dark might make you sweat more. Choose loose, light-colored cotton clothing if you want to keep cool and avoid excessive perspiration. When you wear heavy clothing, your sweat does not evaporate. Furthermore, dark hues absorb more light wavelengths, making you feel hotter.

Avoid spending time outside during the day
Avoid going outside during the warmest part of the day. Wear a wide-brimmed hat or cap and sunglasses if you walk outside. When you're out and about, an umbrella may be a useful item. Also, walk on the road's shaded side.

Stay in cooler location
To keep cool, go to the coolest room in the home, especially at night. Open all of your windows at night and early in the morning when the outside temperature is cooler. Turn off all artificial lighting and electrical appliances. To prevent intense rays, hang shades or drapes on windows that get morning or afternoon sun. To reduce heat accumulation, use light bed linen and sheets.


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