Jit Narayan-Ravi and Govinda-Swarnim on Election Ground

Reputation of Ramchandra Paudel, Gagan and Vishwaprakash at stake

Prof. Purushottam Dahal
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For the first time since 2050, by-elections are being debated at this level. By-elections in Bara-2, Chitwan-2, and Tanhun-1 have thrust Nepali politics into the spotlight.

In the Kathmandu-1 by-election in 2050, former Prime Minister Krishna Prasad Bhattarai was running against Bidya Devi Bhandari. Even the primary character of Nepali politics could not be released from the weight of the unethical political subculture formed by then Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala and his exclusive friends during this by-election. The altered political system is still bearing that load.

The debate of victory and failure is secondary:
The question of who will win or lose is unimportant, but loud slogans are being heard locally that tourist candidates are running for the election. Actually, such slogan is incorrect. A citizen, regardless of who he is, can travel to any constituency and file his candidacy in line with the legislation in a democracy. Dr. Swarnim Wagle has now been to Tanahun, Chitwan, Kathmandu, and, to a lesser extent, the international region to pitch his candidacy.

After visiting Kavre, America, Lalitpur, Ravi Lamichhane in Chitwan, and circumnavigating Morang, Sunsari, and Saptari Upendra Yadav arrived in Bara. Although this cycle is fascinating and has an unquenchable desire for power, insulting the candidate as a visitor would be inappropriate. Such an accusation is against the dignity of democracy, yet the candidate might be portrayed as having an insatiable desire for power, arrogance, and ambition.

What if fury consumes rationality?
No matter who wins Tanahun-1, if Gobinda Bhattarai is loses, we must conclude that wisdom is no longer with the people of Tanahun. So far, Ravi's victory in Chitwan has not been disputed. The reaction of people from that region should be interpreted as a reaction to residents' dissatisfaction with previous political parties. Or else, the conscious voters should take a track of the citizenship dispute, the passport scandal, the newly publicized national id issue, the famous Shalikram, and the reality of the need to support every coalition for power, and the urge for the home ministry.

When popular opinion rejects conscience, many accidents can occur. Following the review we may have a clear picture of how will people of Chitwan-2 utilize their conscience to develop a political culture in the future.

Bara-2 will be an outstanding example of insatiable desire for power. Upendraji's competition may be difficult, but the prospect of triumph is evident. Here, Ramesh Kharel, considered as the Singham of Hindi cinema, and another Janamat Party contender may face strong competition. Whoever the contenders are in Bara-2, Upendra Yadav and CK Raut are the primary players, and victory and defeat will be based on that as well.

I have no other opinions:
I have no other thoughts regarding this by-election competing candidate in the area. Because of their own motives, the Nepali people have been increasingly abused and exploited by others. They have become victims of passion, excitement, greed, and temporary misery. Since we destroyed the traits such as sacrifice, contribution, struggle, ideals, and character required in democracy in the Kathmandu-1 by-election of 2050. That example set then is being maintained, nurtured, and is not regarded unnatural in today’s time. However, I am now preoccupied with other thoughts than the rivalry among candidates.

Rhythm of Gagan and Swarnim:
There was a lot of buzz in Chitwan, Makwanpur, Nawalparasi, and Kathmandu about the unexpected battle between Nepali Congress' youth leader Gagan Thapa and Rastriya swatantra Party President Rabi Lamichhane in the November elections. And those who continue to perform the function of generational transfer and leadership capacity influence do not believe that there is any alternative remedy for the rebirth of Congress other than Vishwaprakash and Gagan. This time, the Nepali Congress will check these two great medications in the laboratories of Chitwan and Tanahun. Tanahun is auditing not just Gagan's succession but also that of the present President Ramchandra Poudel.

Why it is Ramchandra Paudel's exam?
This question may be on many people's minds, but he has created history in that territory, being born there, he led the Nepali Congress to the top position. They are the residents of this town. If Govinda, Nepali Congress nominee for his successor, does not win, Paudel's historical legacy would vanish. However, even under Ramchandra's leadership, the culture of seeking to better oneself by crushing opponents to dust is firmly entrenched. It is most likely a response and reaction to the Kathmandu-1 by-election in 2050.

However, the President should no longer be influenced by any party. He will not have the freedom to preach for or against anyone. But, his allies and supporter’s participation in campaign is yet to be seen. If another candidate besides congress wins the election, it will demonstrate that Ramchandra Poudel had not prepared the proper succession. However, Nepali Congress General Secretary Gagan Thapa will have to face a tough battle.

Gagan and Vishwaprakash's test:
As I already stated, the Nepali Congress is ruled by individuals who worship Gagan Thapa as God. Gagan had enormous faith in Dr. Swarnim Wagle, a scholar who had been among those who had consistently benefitted from Nepali Congress without contribution.

Swarnim claimed to be the honorable president's successor during his candidacy, claiming that he quit Congress due to a feud between Congress President Deuba and his wife. In addition, he stated that if Dr. Shekhar and Gagan are resurrected in the Congress, he will not be hesitant to collaborate once again.

Swarnim is still demonstrating his proximity to Gagan and Ramchandra. As a result, the Nepali Congress should have delegated leadership of the election campaign against Swarnim to Gagan. Swarnim is Gagan's most trusted intellectual, and he was recommended as a candidate in Kathmandu-4, where he was a three-time MP in the last election. It must be tough to attack him verbally at this point. In politics, everything is clearly conceivable. Although Gagan and Swarnim's speeches are amusing, it feels staged.

Vishwa Prakash, another Youth leader of Chitwan, has been tasked to drive the Congress electoral chariot. He projects thoughts in a lyrical yet humble manner. It is impossible to predict how long the enchantment of that lyrical art will remain. Based on what we know so far, his magic has not shown to be effective. Voters, on the other hand, recall the candidate's contribution, credentials, influence on the people, current and previous behavior, and so on.

How will voters of Chitwan rate Ravi, Jit Narayan, and UML candidate Ramchandra? In elections, voters are also examined with the candidates and charioteers. This time, people of Chitwan-2 will have to weigh themselves on the scales of conscience. It is not unreasonable to think that, in the name of emotion and change, both Chitwan and Tanahun will not render their rationality, worthless.

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