HoR Session: Lawmakers Draw Government’s Attention to Various Issues

In a session of the House of Representatives, lawmakers drew the government's attention towards various contemporary issues.

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In a session of the House of Representatives (HoR) today, lawmakers drew the government's attention towards various contemporary issues.

Airing views in the the lower house session today, Bidya Bhattarai, demanded the government fence the risky zone along the Seti River banks to prevent possible cases of accidents.

Lekhnath Dahal expressed his concern over the deaths of four Indian nationals in a jeep accident on April 12 along the BP Highway. As he said, the Highway is overloaded by vehicles as around 10,000 vehicles travel through it despite its capacity for 4,000. He urged the government to intervene the situation and take measures for road safety.

He also pressed an idea of a digging a tunnel under 32 kilometers area of the Highway to reduce the travel hours and the costs.

Likewise, Dr Toshima Karki demanded a system in the enrollment in the medical education.

Thakur Gaire expressed his concern over Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal's statement about 'the attempts to reverse the system' that he gave outside the parliament, urging the Prime Minister to put his views on the matter in the parliament.

Metmani Chaudhary called for taking action against people involved in human trafficking while Prem Suwal stressed the need for stemming air pollution in the Kathmandu Valley referring to the federal capital being the most polluted city in the world.

Roshan Karki demanded the solution to the issue of one Satya Devi Thapa of Panchkhal, a kidney patient, whose house has been auctioned by Kumari Bank for failure to pay loans.

Chitra Bahadur KC put his concerns about the decision to allow a private foreign company to verify the national identity card terming the act illegal.

Also, stating that there is a halt to the construction of the Sindhulimadhi Kamalamai-Katari road due to a forest issue, Shyam Kumar Ghimire demanded a solution.


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