Happy New Year 2080

The year 2079 has passed us by, and the new year 2080 begins today.

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The year 2079 has passed us by, and the new year 2080 begins today. Time moves at a constant rate. Nobody can put a stop to it. Seasons and months continue to cycle. Great men were born into the world with time and died with time. Many talents were born in Nepal from time to time and went on to make a name for themselves as prospective talents of their day. They will live on in people's hearts and minds. In one way or another, we recall Prithvinarayan Shah, Jung Bahadur Rana, Chandrashamsher, King Mahendra, and Bhimsen Thapa, Amarsingh Thapa, Balabhadra Kuwar, and Bhakti Thapa.

In some manner, we are also remembering people like BP Koirala, Suvarnashamsher Rana, Pushpalal Shrestha, Ganeshman Singh, Krishnaprasad Bhattarai, Manmohan Adhikari, and Girijaprasad Koirala. People born once in the era include the great poet Lakshmi Prasad Devkota, the theatrical emperor Balakrishna Sam, and the renowned satirical genius Bhairab Aryal. Time is a powerful force. It does not stop for anyone and continues to go forward at a constant speed. Bikram Sambat 2079 arrived at this moment to depart from us. Last year was an important time in Nepal's political history. The local level elections were concluded at the start of the new year.

General elections for the Federal Parliament and the Provincial Assembly were held six months later. During the establishment of the government, the CPN-Maoist Center and the CPN-UML merged, and the Chairman of the Maoist Center, Pushpa Kamal Dahal, became Prime Minister, reshuffled his cabinet seven times in three months. Despite being the second largest party, the CPN-UML stopped the Nepali Congress from entering the government and demonstrated an influential influence in the government by choosing the Chairman of the Maoist Center as Prime Minister. However, the previous coalition has been reestablished after two months, and the CPN-UML has left the administration.

Simultaneously, RPP chairman Rajendra Lingden, who entered the administration and was appointed deputy prime minister, and his party resigned the government and unexpectedly became a national party. Although elections were held successfully last year, political stability remains yet to be restored. Let it not remain the same in the new year 2080.

May the corona infection and other infections that have begun to resurface to be halted and not spread. The Nepali people should not be subjected to shortage and poverty. Natural calamities such as fire, flood, and landslide should not befall anybody. Happy New Year 2080 to all our customers, advertisers, writers, readers, administration, accounting, market management, distribution, and other employees, and all well-wishers on behalf of Impression Publications and Media House and Himalaya Times National Daily.

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