Health Ministry Advises Isolation Soon After Developing COVID Symptoms

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The Ministry of Health and Population has requested all to stay in isolation soon after developing symptoms of coronavirus.

Issuing a notice, the Ministry urged one and all to stay in isolation after going coronavirus test soon after developing the symptoms.

It requested to adopt precaution as every common cold, cough and fever might be COVID-19 until proven other else.

New variant of the coronavirus Omicron - XBB. 1.16 - has been confirmed in Nepal for the first time. Coronavirus infection is now increasing in neighbouring country, India, due to this new variant.

The Ministry also asked all sectors in society to play effective role for the prevention and control of COVID-19 as it is increasing. It requested one and all to follow health protocols and to get vaccinated against COVID-19 as it has not completely come under the control.

The infection of coronavirus, which had dropped to zero, has now started increasing. Seventy-six cases of coronavirus were detected on April 3 alone and the number of active coronavirus cases has reached 227 so far.

The Ministry requested to use face mask properly, to get innoculated against COVID-19, to wash hands with soap and use sanitizer frequently, and to maintain social distancing to be protected from coronavirus.


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