Jagdishpur Lake Enticing With Birds (In Pictures)

Himalaya Times
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The movement of visiting birds in Jagdishpur lake, the country's second bird sanctuary, is fascinating.

Water birds are declining in Jagdishpur Lake, which shelters the greatest number of water birds in the country. It has been steadily declining for three years.

In 2023, there will be around 4% fewer birds than in 2022. In 2022, the number of birds declined by 23% compared to 2021.

9,487 birds were counted in 2023. This year, 44 bird species were identified in the lakes.

In 2003, the 157-hectare lake in Kapilvastu was designated as a wetland. The Ramsar Secretariat in Switzerland designated it as significant for biodiversity, wetlands, and birds.

This is the largest man-made lake in the country.

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