Workshop on ‘Livestock Master Plan’ for Sectoral Growth

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The Nepal Livestock Master Plan will be developed by the government to promote livestock.

Dr. Deepak Kumar Kharal, Secretary of the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock Development (Livestock Development), stated that a master plan for the growth and expansion of the livestock sector is being developed.

Speaking during a three-day workshop on the issue organized by the ministry with the assistance of the International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI), an international livestock organization, he said, although the Livestock Master Plan has been developed in the past, it has not been executed. Secretary Kharal stated that effort would now be done to make the initiative a reality.

He said, 'A draft of the Livestock Master Plan was prepared a few years ago, but it has not been finalized, now it should be carried forward, this is an important program in the livestock sector of Nepal.'

Dr. Samjhana Kumari Kafle Pandey, Director General of Pashu Sewa Bibhag, believes that the three-day training will assist to lay the groundwork for the master plan. On discussing cooperation with ILRI in the cattle industry, she stated that the recent opening of an ILRI office in Nepal has made cooperation simpler.

"We have been collaborating with ILRI for a long time, notably in buffalo conservation and breed enhancement efforts," stated Director General Pandey.

Several government and commercial sector livestock specialists and businesspeople took part in the program.

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