NRNA Welcomes Social Security Scheme for Migrant Workers

Himalaya Times
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The Non-Resident Nepali Association (NRNA) has said launching of social security scheme targeting the Nepali migrant workers and those who are self-employed in foreign land was a great achievement.

After the beginning of the process to include Nepali migrant workers and those who are self-employed in foreign land in the social security scheme, the NRNA shared that the important issue the NRNA had been raising since long has now been addressed.

Reminding the situation that female workers get less remuneration as compared to male workers in and out of the country, the Association drew government's attention that the situation should be taken into account while incorporating it in the scheme.

The door for the workers to be affiliated to the Social Security Fund is open after the Fund started enlisting workers based on contribution along with pension facility, NRNA mentioned.

Executive President of NRNA, Rabina Thapa said the Social Security Fund has decided to launch the social security scheme based on contribution, where migrant workers get facility along with pension. This was also a result of continuous efforts of NRNA and cooperation with the government and we expect that more than four million Nepali migrant workers and their families will be benefitted from the scheme, she added.

Stating that initiative they had taken for long has now been materialized, another NRNA President Kul Acharya thanked the government of Nepal and bodies concerned for the initaitive.

Meanwhile, the NRNA is preparing to run an awareness programme regarding affiliation to social security scheme in Malaysia and Qatar from April 7-9.


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