Sports Key Foundation of Nation’s Prestige: PM Dahal

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Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal 'Prachanda' has said sports is an important foundation pillar of the nation's prestige and diplomacy.

Inaugurating the 16th Asian Cross Country Championship organised by Nepal Athletics Association under the aegis of the Asian Athletics Association at Gokarna today, he described sports as a strong pillar of international relations, the base of the national economy and the catalyst for developing a culture of labour and diligence.

"Sports has become a matter of national prestige, an important base of diplomacy, a strong pillar of international relations, the foundation of the national economy and a catalyst for the development of culture of labour and hard work in the present modern age," the Prime Minister said, adding that only those who can understand the importance of sports in the right way could give a proper leadership to the country and address the people's aspirations.

He said we should all be proud that the sports sector has developed into a key basis for unity in diversity, good governance, sustainable development and prosperity.

PM Dahal further said, "Big wars and man-created disasters have been resolved, large conflicts and possible mass killings have been prevented and the basis of mutual cooperation, trust, global unity and reconciliation have been built by means of sports diplomacy."

He also reiterated that development of sports is the government's priority.

Prime Minister Dahal wished athletes of 11 countries including Nepal for their outstanding performance in the championship.

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