Holi formally starts with the erection of chir (Photo Feature)

Himalaya Times
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The formal celebration of Holi also known as Fagu Purnima, began today with the erection of a chir, a ceremonial bamboo pole with tiers of colorful fabric, in Kathmandu's Basantapur Durbar Square by locals and government.


To kick off the event, the historical Nepal Army's Sardul Jung Gulma, also known as Gurujyu's Paltan marked their presence.


Participants tossed vermilion powder in the air to mark the start of Holi following the erection of the chir.


Chir is a symbolic image of the festival's start that last for a week.

However, the main day of Holi will be celebrated on March 6 in the hilly districts and on March 7 in the Tarai.

The ceremony concludes on the seventh day, when the chir is formally demolished.

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