Bird flu detected in Bhaktapur

Himalaya Times
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Bird flu has been detected in Bhaktapur.

Around 10,480 chickens, 1,050 chicks, 4,523 eggs and 1,475 kg poultry feed were destroyed on Wednesday after bird flu was confirmed in the chickens of three poultry farms located at Sudal of Changunarayan municipality- 8, according to the Department of Livestock Services.

Superintendent of Police at the Metropolitan Police Range, Bhaktapur, Prajit KC, said the bird flu was detected at Changunarayan Poultry and Hatchery Industry Pvt Ltd, Arjun Giri Poultry Farm and Aditya Poultry Farm.

Veterinary doctor at the Department of Livestock Services, Dr Shrija Wagle, said the bird flu was detected in the chicken of three farms in course of sample test carried out after the chickens started dying all of sudden.

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