Gyalpo Lhosar being observed today

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Gyalpo Lhosar, the cultural festival of the Sherpa community, is being observed today.

On this occasion, people of the Sherpa community clean up their houses and villages, sources of water and flutter new prayers flag in the roof of their houses.

They cook delicacies such as Guthuk and Khapse and exchange best wishes with each other to welcome the New Year.

The festival is observed as the New Year by the Sherpa community primarily residing in the mountainous region of Nepal. It is is widely celebrated by the Sherpa, Hyolmo and Bhotiya communities of Nepal.

They celebrate this festival, that falls on the Shukla Pratipada in the month of Falgun, according to their traditions.

The festival is marked in 22 districts in the country with the celebration from the Shukla Pratipada to Purnima.

This festival is celebrated as the New Year by Mahayan Buddhists .

It is believed that since the time of ninth king of Bhot Uday Gungyal, Gyalpo Lhosar has been celebrated .



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