North Korea forbids girls from having the same name as Kim Jong Un’s daughter

Himalaya Times
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North Korea is reportedly forcing girls and women who share the same name as Kim Jong Un's daughter 'Ju Ae' to change it to something else, Fox News reported.

The report which quotes Radio Free Asia cited two anonymous sources from North Korea who said that the local governments have issued orders for women named Ju-ae to change their birth certificates.

“Yesterday, the Ministry of Security in Jeongju City summoned women registered with the resident registration department under the name 'Ju Ae' to the Ministry of Safety to change their names,” the report said adding that authorities said that the names must be changed within a week.

Kim Jong Un's daughter's name is Ju Ae and she is said to be around ten years old. Ju-ae is the only one of Kim Jong Un's three children who has been seen in the public. She only made her first appearance in public last year in November, when her father took her to the launch of a major ICBM launch.




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