Voilent insurrection that took thousands of lives cannot be a national festival: Kamal Thapa

Himalaya Times
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RPP Nepal Chair Kamal Thapa expressed his opposition to the government’s decision to observe a public holiday on Falgun 1 to mark “People's War Day”.

He commented that the government's decision to observe a public holiday on Falgun 1 to commemorate the day when the Maoists launched a violent insurrection against the Constitution and the state is objectionable.

‘Maoist terror and violence that took the lives of thousands of innocent people cannot be a national festival. It is the height of shamelessness to make such a decision with the participation of a party that advocates for monarchism and Hindu nationalism. With which face is the pro-monarchy party sitting in the government?', he questioned.

The Council of Ministers meeting held at the Prime Minister and Council of Ministers Office Singhadarbar on Sunday afternoon has decided to declare Falgun 1 a public holiday to mark People's War Day.

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