Ju-ae’s public appearances suggest she will succeed Kim Jong-un!

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Leader Kim Jong-un was seen at the midnight parade, North Korea has shown its largest display ever of intercontinental ballistic missiles, with his young daughter Ju-ae elevated to his side, as per BBC reports.

Kim Ju-ae's appearance has fuelled speculation she's being positioned as the successor. The elevation of Ju-ae, who is believed to be about 10 years old, has been another key talking point for observers.

State media photographs showed her taking centre stage at a pre-parade banquet with military leaders, where she was seated in the centre between Mr Kim and his wife Ri Sol Ju, a spot usually given to her father.

The trio were pictured smiling and flanked by top military commanders.

While some analysts say this points to Ju-ae as Mr Kim's heir apparent, others say the state may be portraying the North Korean leader as a "family man".

"The inclusion of Kim's daughter in the banquet was difficult to miss. North Korea's state propagandists are clearly try to portray Kim Jong-un as a family man, but the exclusion of his other reported daughter is curious,"  Martyn Williams, a senior fellow at Stimson Center who focuses on North Korea, told the BBC.

Kim Jong-un reportedly has at least three children, including an elder son and a younger daughter. Ju-ae is believed to be his second child.

She only made her first appearance in public three months ago in November, when her father took her to the launch of a major ICBM launch.

While succession positioning may ultimately be the case, it is "too early" to arrive at the conclusion, Mr Williams said.


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