PM Dahal urges to make attorney service effective

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Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal 'Prachanda' has said the prosecution should be made more effective. PM Dahal said it while inspecting the Office of the Attorney General today.

Only competent and professional workforce can deliver effective service, he underscored. PM Dahal expressed the commitment that a separate law would be made on remuneration and incentives to the public prosecutors. Setting up a unit of attorney at Prime Minister's Office would also be prioritized, the PM added.

The OAG is the body to furnish suggestions on legal issues to the government.

Moreover, PM Dahal vowed to extend support to reform the attorney's offices, and develop jail, child correction centre, and detention section.

It is the second time Dahal inspected the OAG Office as PM.

On the occasion, Attorney General Dr Dinmani Pokhrel urged the government that it took initiatives to make a separate law on remuneration and incentives to the attorneys. He also made aware the PM to establish attorney's unit at Prime Minister's Office.


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