Rastriya Swatantra Party should remain patient: Maoist Centre

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The CPN (Moist Centre) has said the Rastriya Swatantra Party (RSP) should be patient till the full text of the Supreme Court verdict is released in the case relating to its Chairman, Rabi Lamichhane.

Sharing information about the standing committee meeting of the party held at party central office, Parisdanda on Thursday, spokesperson of the Maoist Centre, Krishna Bahadur Mahara, reiterated that his party discussed that RSP need to stay patient in claiming the home ministry portfolio in the government till the full text of Supreme Court verdict on RSP Chairman Lamichhane is out.

"RSP needs to stay calm; the case is not over. Decision on home ministry portfolio is yet to be made in Cabinet," said spokesperson Mahara, adding that though Lamichhane was giving views on the portfolio, it would not create problem among the ruling parties.

Meanwhile, RSP's central committee and parliamentary party meeting is being held at its office, Basundhara, discussing whether to quit the government. Currently, RSP is holding three ministries- Labour, Employment and Social Security by Dol Prasad Aryal; Education by Sishir Khanal and for Health by Dr Toshima Karki (Minister of State).

RSP Chairman Lamichhane had lost the posts of Deputy Prime Minister and Home Minister and party Chair at once after his citizenship was annulled by Supreme Court on January 27.

He had become the DPM and Home Minister in the Prachanda-led government on December 26.

However, Lamichhane had regained the Nepali citizenship from Kathmandu District Office two days after the court verdict by adhering to the legal procedure.

Despite losing the posts of DPM and Home Minister with court verdict, the RSP is claiming its stake on home ministry portfolio.


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