Almost all tuins replaced by suspension bridges

Himalaya Times
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Country’s most of the ropeways locally known as tuin have been replaced by suspension bridges.

But, those ropeways built at the local level for other purposes, such as the transport of goods still exist, according to Department of Local Infrastructures.

As said by Department's Director General Ishwar Chandra Marhattha, local levels are expected to take actions for discouraging the use of ropeways. People may be using for entertainment purpose as well- not all on the need basis.

Of those ropeways recorded in 2072 BS, almost all have been replaced by suspensions bridges. At that time 143 ropeways were found to have existed across the country and 141 have been removed. A ropeway at Pancheshwor in Baitadi could not be removed as the Indian side did not agree for the same and also because it lies along the Nepal-India border.

During the fiscal year 2015/16, four tuins over the Mahakali River were replaced by suspensions bridges, but the Indian side placed another ropeway there. “Now we are trying to seek consent from India to remove the structure,” said Marhattha.

There are 9,750 suspension bridges across the country.


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