Hunger still prevails in country, says expert

Himalaya Times
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Nepal has progressed in hunger reduction as it climbed  to 81st rank on 2022 hunger index. Although Nepal has done some progress in reducing hunger according to GHI, it is not satisfactory, said Dr Yamuna Ghale, food security expert.

GHI scores are calculated based on a formula combining four indicators—undernourishment, child stunting, child wasting and child mortality—that together capture the multidimensional nature of hunger, she said.

When we look at data of stunting rates regionally, there is a grim picture, she said. Stunting rates vary across the provinces with the range of 22.6 and 22.9 percent in Gandaki and Bagmati Provinces respectively, and the figure jumps to more than double being at 47.8 percent in Karnali Province. This is not a matter of satisfaction, she said.

Likewise, children consuming foods rich in iron and iron supplements are low across provinces. According to her, Province 1 and 2 have the lowest percentage in the case of women and children respectively. Women and children in Province 1 and 2 were also found the most anemic in the country, which could be due to less or no iron intakes, she said.


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