Orange stored up in cooling centre rot in Syangja

Himalaya Times
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Woes of local farmers have increased when the orange stored up in a cooling centre went rotten in Syangja.

Some orange stocked in a cold store being operated by the local Syangja Sheetbhandar Cooperative went decayed. Farmers had stored their orange production in the cooling centre aiming at maximizing their income from the sale during the off-season. But now, the orange farmers are compelled to bear a loss.

Rambandhu Aryal of Putalibazaar had stored 50 carats of orange in the cooling centre. Some days ago, he found around seven carats of orange rotten in the centre. With this, he was hastened to sell out the orange stock. Now per kilogram orange is being sold out at Rs 85 to Rs 90 from the tree. "With the stored orange decaying, I am under compulsion to send to the market at the price of Rs 50 to Rs 60 per kilogram", he shared.


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