IGP directs for resolving unresolved crimes

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Inspector General of Nepal Police (IGP) Dhiraj Pratap Singh has instructed the senior police officers to be more focused and serious in the investigation of crimes, giving high priority to the investigation of the crimes which could not be resolved in time.

Delivering a direction speech to the recently transferred seven DIGs of all the seven provinces and Senior Superintendents of Police (SSPs) at a function held at the Police Headquarters on Monday morning, IGP Singh urged the senior officers to be more serious about investigation of the heinous crimes, and the arrest of the fugitives.

IGP Singh also urged them to play a special role to control smuggling by adopting the policy of financial transparency.

Stating that police officers were promoted based on the evaluation of the work done in the field, IGP Singh instructed the police officers to perform their duties accordingly so that the evaluation of their works should be seen in relative terms.

Responsibilities are given on the basis of merit, the IGP said, adding that the police officers were expected to fulfil their responsibilities in an excellent manner. Stating that Nepal Police has prioritised the good governance agenda of the government, IGP Singh said that they should carry out their respective responsibilities in a necessary coordination and cooperation with the provincial governments and the local levels.

Additional Inspector General of Police Pooja Singh, Deputy Inspectors General of Police, senior police officers and others were present in the programme.

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