Nation may undergo further crisis: Chitra Bahadur KC

Himalaya Times
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Chitra Bahadur KC, President of Rashtriya Janamorcha, has expressed his apprehension of further crisis in the country as opposition party supports the government.

He has expressed his suspicion saying the opposition which should closely monitor and criticise the government, may fall back as it has supported the government.

Speaking at the meeting of the House of Representatives on Tuesday, he said that even if Rashtriya Janamorcha is alone, it will remain in the opposition.

"The strange thing that happened today in Nepal is that everyone is trying to join and support the government. What could be more enjoyable for those in power? What kind of support is this? I am unable understand. This may turn into a game of hiding your mistakes and displacing one from the government. This scenario is scary", KC added.

Chairman KC said, participation in the government is necessary for the leaders who won the election with sacks full of money by exploiting the country's natural resources .

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