Promoting his language and culture through movies: Ganesh Gurung

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  • Gita Adhikari

Since the first Nepali movie 'Aama' released, hundreds of movies have been screened to this date. Nepal is a country of multicultural diversity, which is also showcased in movies of varied local languages.

Gurung culture and language are also being potrayed in these movies. Ganesh Gurung ‘Subhash’ is a filmmaker who captures the culture as the center of his story, and has been involved in the film making for the past two decades.

He is constantly working to promote Gurung traditions, costumes, language and culture. He clarifies that he is deeply invested in this field, as movies can play a special role in making the new generation aware of their culture. He feels sad that movies made in the indigenous language and culture do not get much attention. He says, it will be a little easier to pass on the traditions, language, and culture of our ancestors to the next generation through audio and visual medium.

Ganesh, the founding vice president of Gurung Film Association, is hopeful that such films will be produced, despite many existing problems. He is determined to take those movies to every village and city where there is a majority of Gurung people.He feels that our films will be successful if we portray our unique culture and stories beautifully.

He has worked in more than a dozen movies based on the Gurung community. Ganesh acted and co-directed Kanshi (Kanchi), a Gurung Cinema, as his first project.

His movie 'Bhendigothale' got the Best Movie (Tribal) award from the Film Development Board. Ganesh was involved as script writer and director in movies 'Ngai Nasa' (My Village), 'Ngai Zindagi' (My Life), 'Ngai Kya' (My Path), Asyo (Mawali) among others.

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