Meeting on the rooftop, a usual sight in winter

Pratikshya Khanal
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Today, Leader KP Oli visited Prime Minister Prachanda’s residence for a cordial meeting.

The two leaders who parted ways on a bitter note are together once again, thanks to their mutual interest in leading the government.

Several pictures of the meeting were released. One picture seemed quite interesting among the others.

Despite previous accusations and blaming, KP Oli and Prachanda are seen having a friendly conversation while basking in the sun. As the temperatures are dipping down, everyone is following the sun for some warmth. They seem to be no different than the rest.

The basket of oranges in front of them is also familiar to every household. Oranges are the most chosen option to have while enjoying the sun in winter.

Even the furniture catches one’s eye. The table and chairs with the hammer and sickle symbols are quite an interesting feature in the picture.

Also, the gundruk laid on the floor is a treat to many Nepali eyes. A mat full of gundruk set to dry under the sun at the Prime Minister’s residence is astounding, as gundruk is widely accepted as food for the poor.

As a whole, this picture has been able to grab attention.

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