Concrete bridge out of vision for now

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Residents of Humla, are using wooden planks as bridges, all due to state's ignorance. People of the remote village are traveling dangerously over these bridges built with the help of wooden planks. These plank bridges are made using local resources, tools and manpower.

There are upto 25 such bridges in a single Rural Municipality. Kharpunath, Sarkegaard, Chankheli, Adanchuli, Tanjakot Rural Municipalities have 17, 23, 19, 11 and 13 plank bridges respectively.

According to Paljor Tamang, Ward Chief of Limi, 11 wooden bridges were built by donation of labour.  Whereas only few have been built from the budget of the ward. Daily life will be tough for the residents of these areas if there is no access to bridge. These plank bridges are also used by vehicles to cross rivers which imposes great risk.

Chairperson of Namkha Rural Municipality, Prem Lama, informed about more than 25 bridges built by locals in Namkha.   Lama added, the delay in construction of concrete bridges leaves no option but to use plank bridges for vehicles.

Sushila Rokaya, Deputy chairperson of Simkot Rural Municipality, said that there are still more than 15 plank bridges in the rural municipality. She also informed that many people have lost their life by falling into the streams while crossing the bridge.

Humla, is not connected to road network. Hence, people, horses, mules and yaks are used as alternative means of transport. This leads to higher cost of transportation that directly affects the price of the materials transported. Winter season also halts the construction. Rivers occasionally sweeps away these bridges adding more to the challenge.

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