Nagarjuna Incident: Police Suspect of Suicide After Murdering 3 Family Members 

Himalaya Times
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Three members of the same family were killed today in Bhairabtol of Nagarjun Municipality, Kathmandu.

Ishwari Shrestha, 38, her eight-year-old daughter Anisha Shrestha, and her two-and-a-half-year-old granddaughter Siwani Shrestha, who was living in Nagarjuna Municipality-6 Bhairabtol, were killed.

The police have initiated an inquiry into the matter. The authorities believe Ishwari's spouse may have been involved in the murder.

When Eshwari's husband, Kaji BK, aka Raju Ghimire, was discovered hanging in the jungle near the house, the police began an investigation, presuming he was implicated in the murder, according to the Superintendent of Police.

He stated, "It is first assumed that he committed suicide after murdering his family members."

Locals informed the police after discovering the dead corpse in the room this morning.

BK was seen hanging in the forest near his residence. When police arrived at the site, he was already dead.


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