Money Not Deposited In My Account, Claims Lamichhane

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President of Rastriya Swatantra Party (RSP) Rabi Lamichhane has claimed that he has not received the amount from the sale of his 15 per cent share of Galaxy 4K TV after he quit the TV station.

RSP President Lamichhane, who is also the former Deputy Prime Minister, said so organizing a news conference at the party's central office on Monday and refuted the media reports about his involvement in the embezzlement of cooperative's money. He argued that Rs 18 million was not deposited to his bank account as reported in the media.

Lamichhane said that he expected goodwill share of Galaxy 4K TV run under the Gorkha Media Network but did not receive the amount except the activities carried out to bring them into system since we don’t have the provision of goodwill share.

He said, "A cheque of Rs 18 million was credited in my account on June 17, 2022 but the amount was not deposited in my account since there was not sufficient balance while sending the cheque for clearing through electronic cheque clearing, which is shared in the details provided by the bank."

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