Health Ministry Starts Repairing Medical Equipment In All Provinces

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The Ministry of Health and Population has started repairing the damaged medical equipment and appliances at various hospitals in the country for using them.

Accordingly, the Ministry has set up biomedical workshop at all the seven provinces, said Dr Prakash Budhathoki, spokesperson for the Ministry. He added that the Ministry has started repairing and operating the damaged and old equipment in line with its policy rather than buying new ones.

"Many medical equipment have become dysfunctional and hence not in use. We are operating those equipment after repairing them," he said.

The Management Section at the Department of Health Services has set up 'biomedical workshop' in all the seven provinces for this purpose, said Dr Surendra Chaurasiya, Chief of the Section.

According to him, such workshop has been established in all provinces except for Madhesh and Koshi. The workshop has been set up with the support of the related provincial government. Medical equipment as CT scan, video x-ray, X-ray, echocardiograph machine, among others, are repaired at the workshop.

Chaurasiya said workshop would be set up in Madhes province in the current fiscal year as the budget needed for this has already been allocated. He added that the Ministry has signed an agreement with the World Bank for setting up biomedical workshop in Koshi Province.

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