Damages Caused By Japan’s Quakes At Nuclear Power Plant Worse Than Initially Disclosed

Himalaya Times
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In the aftermath of the 2024 Noto Peninsula Earthquake, oil leakage from the affected equipment at the Shika Nuclear Power Plant in the most-affected central Japanese prefecture of Ishikawa was over five times higher than initially disclosed amount, the plant's operator has said.

Earlier this week, Hokuriku Electric Power Company stated that due to the earthquake's impact, two external power supply transformers for Units 1 and 2 at the Shika plant were damaged. Specifically, one transformer for Unit 2 was reported to have leaked approximately 3,500 liters of oil, rendering a portion of the external power supply system inoperable.

However, the company admitted during a press conference on Friday that the actual oil leakage amounted to as much as 19,800 liters, and the timeline for repairing the external power supply system remains uncertain.

Another transformer for Unit 2 at the plant has been found to have leaked approximately 100 liters of oil, it added.

Moreover, there have been reports of ground subsidence around the reactor building of Unit 1, though the company assured that these conditions will not impact the safety of the Shika plant.

However, local media reported that there were "explosion sounds and a burning smell" near the transformer for Unit 2 at the plant, which the power company explained as the automatic fire suppression system in action.


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