No Alternative To Democratic Republic System, Says PM Dahal

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Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal 'Prachanda' has argued that opponents have started plotting conspiracy against the government after seeing it work in favour of the people.

At an orientation organised by his party CPN (Maoist Centre) at Gokarneshwor of Kathmandu under 'Maoist with people, Special transformation campaign', Prime Minister and Chairperson of the party, Dahal mentioned that those who are against the government have started defaming it by spreading disinformation. This is because the government working for social justice, good governance and prosperity.

Furthermore, those who are against the system have targeted federalism, secularism, class, caste and gender, he added.

Stating that the government made important decision in the history in favour of social justice, the Prime Minister shared that the government was successful to give relief to thousands of people by formulating laws in favour of victims of loansharking. The government has forwarded investigation into big corruption cases.

Sharing there was no alternative to a democratic republic, Prime Minister Dahal claimed that problems seen in Nepali society would be resolved through democratic republic while the autocracy cannot be an alternative to democratic republic.

Preparation is on to provide land to tens of thousands of landless squatters by amending Forest and Land related Act, he shared, adding decisive initiatives have been taken to resolve the problems of landless squatters.

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