3 More Succumb To Cold In Jajarkot

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Three more people died of biting cold in Jajarkot, the epicenter of earthquake happened on November 3.

All three dead ones were living under the tents after their houses were damaged following the quake.

Local officials said that Sugili Nepali, 89, from Luhadaha village of Junichande Rural Municipality-4; Dume Pun, 70, from Ramidanda of Barekot Rural Municipality and 56-year-old Mansari Kami from Thanwada of Chhedagad Municipality-13 died of cold.

Last week, four people had died of cold in Nalgadh, Bheri and Barekot areas in Jajarkot. With this, the number of people losing their lives due to cold reached seven in a week.

Chairman of Barekot Rural Municipality Bir Bahadur Giri said that Dume Pun, who died of biting cold under the tent, was also an asthma patient.

Likewise, Mansari Kami was also suffering from asthma, Deputy Mayor of Chhedagad Municipality Chandra Thapa said.

Mostly, children, pregnant women, senior citizens and chronic patients are at the receiving end due to their living under the tarps after the quake.

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