Fiji To Bring Back Overseas Skilled Workers To Tackle Worker Shortage

Himalaya Times
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The Fijian government is now focusing on improving the work of the immigration department by easing the work permit process, as well as assisting the private sector, to bring back more workers for needy areas.

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Finance Biman Prasad said this while participating in the 2023 Human Capital Ministerial Conclave's plenary session during the margins of the 2023 Annual meeting for the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) held in Marrakech, Morocco, reported Fiji Broadcasting Corporation on Monday.

Prasad said that migration is a significant issue for Fiji.

In the last 18 months, around 10 percent of Fiji's formal workforce has left for greener pastures in neighboring developed countries.

Prasad said there is significant value in technical, vocational, and enterprise education and training (TVET) programs in schools and tertiary institutions in Fiji.

He said TVET programs are the modern-day solution toward transforming the Fijian economy to greater heights through the expansion of its human capital by creating an opportunity for skilled workers.

Prasad said the government was rebuilding the technical education system as well as addressing the skills gap and working together with existing service providers, including the newly-established Pacific Polytech.

He said Fiji is focusing on skills development and training at all levels of its educational system, and the private sector will be playing an important role in this.



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