Green Action Week Celebrated To Promote Sustainable Living Practices

Himalaya Times
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With a motive to raise awareness among consumers about organic waste management and sustainable living practices, SEWA Nepal celebrated Green Action Week.

This year’s Green Action Week focused on sustainable fashion and the emerging dynamics of the management of clothing waste.

The Founder President of SEWA Nepal, Kalyani Shah, shared some previous experiences celebrating Green Action Weeks and their effectiveness.

Acting President of SEWA Nepal, Keshabraj Lamsal, expressed his gratitude for the collaboration and hoped to meet the program’s objective.

The program was organized in collaboration with Kapada Rent, Affordable Thrift Shop Nepal, and the Sukhawati charity foundation. They are all working with the concept of reducing clothing waste, changing people's perceptions towards second-hand clothes, providing economical options while being fashionable at the same time, and sharing happiness by sharing used items.

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