Four Children Lost Lives Within A Month Over Wait For Flights In Humla

Humla frequently gets affected by adverse weather conditions in morning hours in the rainy season

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Four have lost their lives within a month over the wait for flights in remote mountainous district Humla.

Of them, three are infants and one is a toddler. Though the babies who were suffering from different health complications and were referred to outside the district by the District Hospital, they couldn't receive timely medical intervention due to the lack of reliable transport facility in Humla. Simkot, the sole airport in the district, has been non-operational for long, causing severe conveniences to the district folks, particularly during health emergencies.

The victims include a six-month-old child of Simkot rural municipality-6, a seven-month-old child of Simkot-7, a 17-month-old child of Kharpunath-1 and a five-month-old child of Chankhelli-4, according to District Hospital's senior ANM Sarita Bohara said.

The prolonged disruption of flight has greatly affected the people, especially during health emergencies, she said. Adding to the challenges, the decision of the Civil Aviation Authority to restrict flight operations to mountainous districts beyond the operation hours (after 12:30 pm) during the monsoon season has aggravated the situation , it is reported.

Besides, Humla frequently gets affected by adverse weather conditions in morning hours in the rainy season.

The father of the child from Simkot-6, who tragically lost his life as the family could not take him to outside following a referral from the district hospital said he felt so sorry over the fate that befell his family.

Likewise, the toddler of Kharpunath-1 was hospitalized on July 30 for pneumonia and diarrhea. His treatment within the district seemed not possible and he was referred to outside the district. The child died on August 11

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