OpenAI Announces General Availability Of GPT-4

All existing OpenAI API developers

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OpenAI on Thursday announced the general availability of GPT-4, its latest text-generating model, through its application programming interface (API).

Starting Thursday afternoon, all existing OpenAI API developers "with a history of successful payments" can access GPT-4, the announcement said.

The company plans to open up access to new developers by the end of July, and then start raising availability limits depending on compute availability, according to the announcement.

"Millions of developers have requested access to the GPT-4 API since March, and the range of innovative products leveraging GPT-4 is growing every day," OpenAI said in a blog post.

"We envision a future where chat-based models can support any use case," it added.

GPT-4 can generate text and accept image and text inputs. It was trained using publicly available data, including from public web pages, as well as data that OpenAI licensed.

OpenAI said that it's making the company's image-generating model DALL-E 2 and speech-to-text model Whisper APIs generally available in the announcement.

The company also said that it plans to deprecate old models available through its API to "optimize compute capacity."

Starting Jan. 4, 2024, GPT-3 will no longer be available and will be replaced with "base GPT-3" models that are more compute efficient, it noted.



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