Woman Presumed Dead Starts Knocking Inside Coffin

Doctors had declared retired nurse Bella Montoya dead after a possible stroke and cardiopulmonary arrest

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An Ecuadorian woman presumed dead at the age of 76 woke up five hours into her memory service and began knocking inside her coffin, reported CNN on Tuesday.

The incident was reported from the city of Babahoyo. Ecuador's health ministry said that the doctors had declared retired nurse Bella Montoya dead after a possible stroke and cardiopulmonary arrest. She did not respond to resuscitation efforts. Gilberto Barbera, the woman's son posted a video of the same on social media. He captioned the video, "I lifted the coffin, and her heart was pounding, and her left hand was hitting the coffin... We called 911 to bring her here to the hospital."

People were seen waiting and supporting her as emergency personnel arrived and took the 76-year-old woman back to the hospital.

According to the Ministry of Public Health, a state investigation is now underway. According to the report, the woman was admitted to the hospital on Friday for a potential stroke and cardiac arrest, and when she did not respond to resuscitation treatment, a doctor on duty ruled her dead.

The video continues to show her hospital bracelets and her youngster pleading for an ambulance to appear.

The woman's entire name is Bella Yolanda Montoya Castro, which corresponds to the initials "B.Y.M.C" used in a statement made by Ecuador's Health Ministry on Sunday.

The health ministry's statement added that Montoya was in intensive care at the Martin Icaza Hospital in Babahoyo, where she was initially declared dead. There is no information on her current condition.

The hospital did not respond to CNN's calls for comment. Later, when the man recording the video asked the name of the woman, to which someone in the room said, "Bella Yolanda."

The ministry went on to claim that a national technical committee was constituted in collaboration with the Health Services Quality Assurance Agency "to initiate a medical audit to establish responsibilities for the alleged confirmation of death," CNN reported.


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