Patan High Court Halts Screening of “Prasad 2”

Himalaya Times
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The Patan High Court has issued an interim order to halt the screening of "Prasad 2."

Sudarshan Thapa's "Prasad 2" was set to be released at local theaters on Friday, April 7.

On Tuesday, a bench led by Judge Sudarshanraj Pandey issued a ruling prohibiting the film's release on Friday.

Keshav Pandey, one of the film's producers, petitioned the Patan High Court for the release's halt, claiming that producer Suvash Thapa did not return his money.

Mandira Shahi, a Patan High Court spokesperson, told reporters that the High Court has scheduled a hearing for both parties on April 9.

A warrant for Thapa's arrest has been issued in connection with financial transactions and banking violations.

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