ADB Sanitation Hackathon Being Held to Inspire Innovators

Himalaya Times
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The ADB Sanitation Hackathon of Accelerating Sanitation for All is being organized to inspire innovators to develop technological solutions aimed at improving the safety and dignity of sanitation workers in the country.

An event was held on Thursday to promote the hackathon and inform young students, innovators, innovative companies, and startup companies all over Nepal about the program and how to participate.

The program will be held on April 27–29 at the premises of NAST, Lalitpur, under the auspices of ADB, the Water and Sewerage Management Department, the Government of Nepal, and NAST.

The hackathon will feature pre-selection and short-listing of potential innovators, orientation sessions, pitching of innovative ideas, local design demonstrations, and hackathons with cutting-edge technology recognition.

The 10 best startups will receive a $500 grant for their model development, and the winning group will receive a $40,000 grant. With that grant, they will have to develop the technology and demonstrate its use in the two cities of Nepalgunj and Bharatpur.

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