Government Will be Given Full Shape Soon: Minister Sharma

Himalaya Times
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Minister for Communication and Information Technology, Rekha Sharma, has said the government will get a full-shape within a couple of days.

In her address to a programme organised marking the 25th anniversary of the Reporters' Club, the Government Spokesperson said discussions in regard with inducting ministers into the Cabinet had neared the final phase and the government expansion was expected by a couple of days.

"The government formation was delayed by some time due to the formation of a new political alliance," the Minister said. She took time to say that a bill regarding the transitional justice had been presented to the parliament as the government wished to conclude the matter soon.

"The government is effortful to conclude the remaining tasks of the peace process," the Minister said, adding that the bill to revise the transitional justice laws aimed to ensure justice to the affected community.

According to her, preparations are underway to formulate the Mass Communications Law and it will be decided after discussions with the bodies concerned. She pledged to promote the communications sector and make it more efficient by the formulation of appropriate laws.


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