“Abortion Also Sought by Women Whose Husbands Work Abroad,” Health Worker Claims

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Abortion rates have risen in recent years as a result of unprotected sex and undesired pregnancies. It has been shown that the number of women getting abortions is high in rural areas and is predicted to rise in the coming years.

Every year, the number of abortions in Baglung rises. According to the Baglung Health Office, 576 persons had abortions in the fiscal year 2076-077, with six being under the age of 20 and 570 being over.

Abortions were performed on 698 persons during the fiscal year 2077-078, and among those, four were under the age of twenty.

There were 691 abortions in 2078–079. Three of the females who underwent abortions were under the age of 20.

481 persons underwent abortion in the first eight months of the current fiscal year, including one under the age of 20. It is expected to rise more by the end of the current fiscal year.

Women have been found to be undergoing abortions even without the assistance of qualified medical personnel in health facilities that are running without permission from the government, which puts their health at great risk.

So far this fiscal year, 186 individuals have had abortions at the Burtibang Basic Health Clinic, which is situated in Dhorpatan Municipality-1 of the district.

According to Dr. Niraj Subedi, the health center's director, this figure may rise by the end of the fiscal year. Unmarried women and those who have split up come for abortions as well, Subedi informed.

He claims that the number of women having abortions has lately grown since men and women are not using permanent or temporary contraception during sexual intercourse.

"Older women and teenage girls also come for abortions. Women are forced to have abortions due to illiteracy and a lack of caution during sexual intercourse," Dr. Subedi said. "And because of their hesitation, they don't come to the hospital for the procedure."

The number of abortions at Galkot Municipal Hospital has also been shown to be excessive. According to Rajesh Paudel, the hospital's doctor, 40 women sought abortions at the hospital during the fiscal year 1978/79. This fiscal year, 50 women have already taken the service so far. Abortion is performed by giving women drugs and performing a procedure at the hospital, according to Dr. Paudel.

According to Ram Prasad Khanal, Chief of Baglung Municipality's Health Bureau, the frequency of abortions has lately increased as couples don’t prefer more than two children. He stated that it is reasonable for certain numbers to rise each year as women become more aware of abortions performed safely in medical facilities.

"Nowadays people don't want to have many children, but many people want a son; even if they have a girl, they try for a son, and when they realize that they will have a daughter again, they are compelled to have an abortion," explains Chief Khanal.

Abortion procedures are also more common at Dhaulagiri Hospital. Abortions were performed on 345 women during the preceding fiscal year. According to Anjana Paudal, the hospital's information officer, 260 women had undergone abortions thus far this fiscal year, of whom 48 underwent abortions owing to medical conditions. Paudel stated that 15 of them had complicated abortions.

She claims, "The same individual returns three to four times after unprotected sexual intercourse. We easily give safe abortion services to people who come to the hospital. It is expected to grow much more this year. This is only the number of women who visit the hospital for a safe abortion; the number outside of the hospital is much higher as many prefer to consume pills for abortions that are widely available in pharmacies."

According to a health professional, the number of women who have abortions as a result of illicit relationships with other males is likewise significant. According to the health professional, 12 to 15 unmarried girls and women in these relationships come to take medication once a month.

He claims, "Nowadays, even 15 and 16-year-old girls come seeking abortion services, and as it is a private affair, questioning feels inappropriate. They are provided with medications or undergo an abortion, depending on the condition. Abortion is also sought by women whose husbands are working abroad."

Several health care facilities in the market sell drugs and conduct dangerous abortions without a license. According to health professionals, this has a significant influence on women's health. Some women have had multiple abortions. According to Dr. Niraj Subedi, director of Burtibang Primary Health Center, in addition to harming health, there is also the danger of not being able to conceive later.

"Abortion directly affects women's health and should be done only in cases of emergency," says Dr. Subedi. "It is preferable to employ permanent and temporary techniques during sexual intercourse to avoid abortion."

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