Pharmacies in Bhaktapur Found Selling Medicines in Violation of Set Standards

Himalaya Times
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Many private pharmacies in Bhaktapur district have been found running and selling medicines without meeting set standards.

According to an impromptu monitoring carried out under the leadership of the district administration office, many private pharmacies adjacent to the Araniko Highway are found to have been selling drugs and medical equipment at up to 110 percent high price, said assistant Chief District Officer Madhav Prasad Sharma, who led the monitoring team.

During the monitoring, pharmacies run by Madhyapur Hospital in Madhyapurthimi, Nagarik Community Teaching Hospital in Gatthaghar, Bhaktapur International Hospital in Kaushaltar and Summit Hospital in Lokhanthali are found to have been selling medicines at higher price and in violation of set standards, he said.

Nagarik Community Teaching Hospital was found selling banned drugs used by drug abusers alongside with other medicines, and Summit Hospital is found to have been selling outdated medicines, according to him.
The pharmacies monitored are found to have been selling medicines at 32 to 110 percent higher price, said Umesh

Kumar Dahal, chief of the Office of Cottage and Industries, who was a part of the monitoring team.
The pharmacies in question have been directed to be present in the district administration office within next three days, said Sharma, adding that they would face action as per laws.

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