One more Endangered Vulture Found Dead in Nawalparasi

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One more White-rumped vulture (Dangar giddha) was found dead near the Kerunge River at Kawasoti-3, Bardghat Susta of Nawalparasi East.

Earlier, five dead bodies of White-rumped vulture were retrieved from the area. Similarly,  four vultures have been found injured so far. The White-rumped vulture is identified as the critically endangered bird by the IUCN Red List since 2000.

Mortal remains of jackal was also spotted at the site and the preliminary assessment is that the birds died after feeding on a poisonous carcass.

It was locals who first noticed the lifeless bodies of vultures and reported the incident to the police and the Division Forest Office. Following the information about the deaths of birds, a team led by ornithologist Dr Bikalpa Karki from the National Trust for Nature Conservation reached the site and rescued the injured ones. They were later taken to the Vulture Restaurant based in Kawasoti-13 and treated. "The birds report significant health improvements," Dr Karki said.

The post-mortem examinations of the birds report the remains of jackals on their intestines. As Karki said, they might have died after eating poisonous food. The samples of food collected following the post-mortem of dead birds and the jackal remains are to be send to Kathmandu for forensic tests to establish the cause of the deaths.

It is said the jackal had died after it was provided toxic flesh of tamed animals for the intention to kill the animal and vultures also suffered its consequences. District Police Office East Nawalparasai Police Inspector Sajan Sharma said they are trying to identify who is involved in the jackal killing.

The loss could go high as the vulture habitat lies near the incident site and there are vulture nests nearby the area, Restaurant Chair and ornithologist DB Chaudhary said.

On just Saturday, 10 vultures reared at the Vulture Breeding Centre at the Chitwan National Park, Kasara were released to the forest.

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