Man Claims to be From ”Different Earth”, Arrested For Walking Naked On Street

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A 44-year-old guy was detained after being seen wandering down the street naked in Palm Beach, Florida, CBS 12 reports. When he was apprehended, the guy claimed to be from "different world."

On March 8, a Taboo employee phoned the police to report a white guy wandering by the business nude in plain view in the 200 block of Worth Avenue. When officers came, they confronted the individual, who was spotted roaming around naked and displaying his genitals to the public.

He informed the cops he had no idea where he'd left his garments and refused to offer his name or date of birth.

The accused was subsequently taken to the Palm Beach Police Station for interrogation, where he refused to disclose his identity again. He even stated that he didn't have a social security number or a state ID card. Jason Smith was eventually recognized as the man.

Mr Smith allegedly informed officers that he lived on a "other world," according to an arrest record, according to WPEC. He eventually admitted to authorities that he resided in West Palm Beach.

According to Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office online booking records, Mr Smith was eventually charged with indecent exposure, disorderly conduct, and resisting arrest.

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